trip to pangandaran

I go trip with my family i go to green canyon in there ,there is like river or a cave . I drive with a boat with my family to across the river and after we across the river babeh,abang and me  swimming in the water and the water its so clear , me,babeh and abang must use bouy . We swimming with carrying a go pro , after already swimming we drive a boat again to go home . After we already take a shower , we go to batukaras beach in there , there is a sand and a water , i and my family sleep in lodging the name is teratai .

After we already sleep we play in the beach me and abang play in a water, anye,mama and babeh play sand in afraid because there is a dog but the dog is benign. after we already play abang want to surfing but say babeh breakfast first and than me and anye want to take a shower, abang,babeh and andung waiting a fried rice after me,anye and mama already take a shower and than breakfast my family eat fried rice  and me eat a pancake after already breakfast i play a sand with anye and abang is surfing  after me and anye  play a sand i want to play water again say mama i can play water a again  and i surfing to after already play in the beach abang, me, anye take a shower after take a shower me and my family go to pengandaran beach in there we drive a boat to go to snorkling me,abang and babeh is snorkling anye,mama and andung waiting for me,abang and babeh , anye is afraid because there is a monkey the monkey is take andung's mineral water bottle .

after already snorkling i go to garut to swimming hot water and sleep the name of the hotel is tirtangga a swimming at night because is a hot water after already swimming me and my family take a shower after that we go sleep . And than wake up  and than swimming again after already swimming we take a shower  breakfast after that me,anye,mama and andung horse drawn we go to buy oleh - oleh and than i see a guntur mountian after already drive a horse drawn we go home to home


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